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What is EasyStudio?

We provide Photography Lightboxes with multiple built in cameras and LEDs to make product photography much easier for Ecommerce sellers!

Our Background

​As an Internet based company, we understand Ecommerce sellers need good product photography to promote their products, just like the saying “a picture speaks a thousand STORIES”. However, a complete photo studio with full equipment (background, lightning setup, good cameras, etc) can be very costly.

​Here is when the idea struck, why not create something affordable that can ​provide everything an eCommerce seller needs?

That was how EasyStudio was founded in 2016.

Our Background

Simplify & Professional

Just like the tagline "Photography Made Easy", we aim to help small business owners to simplify everything and make professional product photography possible for everyone, ​without having to invest heavily on photography equipment.

Multiple Shots With One Click


Main Benefits

No expensive camera needed. Just a device to preview the shots.

Capable of taking multiple-angle photos, ​in ONE click

Images are easily ​transferable

Increase Efficiency

Simple & User-Friendly

Foldable & Portable

Save Time & ​Effort

Built in ​LEDs

Built in ​multiple camera

Lets Make it Happen!

Now we are pleased to invite you to join our efforts in designing and pushing for mass production and market launch. With our market know-how and your support we can make this real! The funds will be used to refine our design, comply with all the certifications and regulatory ​requirements, and promotion on ​the Social ​Network platform.​

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